I find this company to be a cut above the rest! I've tried countless different wellness brands trying to get relief that provides me with what I need and this company delivers in spades. 

-Joseph O.

I started using the Salve daily an have noticed a tremendous difference! I'm able to do things I haven't done in years! 

-Tracy T.

CBD is amazing! It helps me sleep and relax when I can't, with no side effects. Will definitely keep using these products! And NTRL is awesome with very knowledgeable staff!

-Jess P.

Whatever you buy you can't go wrong, this is the best stuff! 

-Valerie R. 

I've been using the 200mg 10 pack now for quite a few months. They have severaly decreased my anxiety. I only take 1/4 of the gummy as my body takes to it well and cannot do more than that. Even so, I am amazed at how my stress and anxiety levels have been minimized from NTRL D8 gummies. Thank you!

- John P. 

I am an older amputee, that on occasion experiences debilitating pain in my residual limb. Using a combination of topical and oral oroducts from this company has decreased the pain to much more bearable levels. These are GREAT products.

- Darlene K.


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