FDA-Approved Materials | Flavor Preservation | Prolonged Shelf Life

Our airtight, rectangular containers are the perfect packaging for merchandizing infused food products while preserving flavor and freshness. 

 Our containers uphold food, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical while setting a new standard in effective, child-resistant packaging and are manufactured from FDA-approved, recyclable materials. 

To keep contents secure, our child-resistant certified, containers are resealable no matter how many times they’re opened and closed, eliminating the need for sealed pouches. 


Our cap closure mechanism is certified child-resistant and features senior-friendly ergonomics


Bottles can be hard to open for patients with arthritis.

Dosed chocolates and caramels are wrapped in aluminum foil and paper sleeves. Special brownies, cakes, and cookies come in cardboard cartons and plastic clamshells. Candies are packaged in zip-top vacuum packs.


The critical problem with all of these packages is that they were designed to be opened and discarded immediately.
As opposed to their consumption habits with a traditional bar or bag, customers do not always finish an entire package of edibles in one sitting.


When chocolate sits in the cupboard and is exposed to oxygen, it blooms and becomes waxy.

Baked goods get stale and moldy. Candies melt from exposure to moisture, becoming sticky and unappetizing.

Further, the majority of existing alternatives are neither sustainable nor child resistant.


Our Container remedies each one of these issues.